The Labyrinth Society – This organization, known affectionately as “TLS,”
is made up of labyrinth enthusiasts from all over the world.

Labyrinthos was founded in 2000 by Jeff & Kimberly Saward to provide an information resource for those working with labyrinths and mazes. We have an extensive photographic & illustration library and archive, and offer professional consultation and services for owners, designers, publishers and producers,
etc. Labyrinthos also publishes and stocks a wide range maze and labyrinth related books, publications and products from around the world. We also
provide lectures, slideshows, events and tour services – contact us for
 further details.

LABYRINTH  ENTERPRISES has personally hand-made more labyrinths than anyone on the planet, perhaps more than anyone in history. Now in our 11th year of service (1995-2006), we are meticulous master craftspeople who make lasting works of art.


  Vesica specialize in offering clear, empowering trainings and resources in  ancient and modern Spiritual Sciences.




New Avalon Centre for Women’s Mysteries
– The New Avalon Centre for Women’s Mysteriesis a sanctuary for the souls of all women whostrive to realize their full potential.



Rural Roots mission is to support and enhance sustainable and organic agriculture and community-based food systems in the Inland Northwest.

Chefs Collaborative
is a national network of more than 1,000 members of the food community
who promote sustainable cuisine by celebrating the joys of local, seasonal, and artisanal cooking.